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I have invested in and worked with outlier startups

Data integration

Cloud data warehouse integration


India's grocery delivery app (fastest growing consumer company in India ever)

Hashicorp Logo.jpg

Cloud infrastructure deployment (now a major public company)

Replicate Logo.jfif

Payroll for contractors (one of the fastest growing SaaS companies ever)

Machine Learning Cloud

Open-source product analytics

Messagebird - Color.jpg

Unified Communications

Salt new.png

API Security 

BuildBuddy Logo.png

Open-source build automation

Vanta Logo.png
Mattermost Logo.png
Clara - new.png

Compliance automation


LATAM's leading fintech infra platform

Open-source Slack

Reusable rockets

LATAM's leading corporate card platform

Ada - Color Logo.png

Customer support automation


Backend infra for Rust

Porter Logo.png

Next-generation Heroku


Next-generation AWS


Cloud infrastructure provisioning

Secoda Logo.jpg

Data cataloging and management

Aquarium - Color.png

Data management for machine learning

Rapyd Logo.jpeg

Global payments infrastructure

Turbonomic Logo.png

Cloud infrastructure provisioning (acq for $1.8B)

AI motive Logo.png

Autonomous driving software

Posthog - new.png
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