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Hello World. I am Arnav Sahu. I work at Y Combinator, a startup accelerator and venture capital firm, where I lead our growth investing practice. I have invested over $500M in startups and worked with hundreds of founders over the years.

I also co-founded a consumer fintech company called Finvest - its an app that makes it easy to buy fixed income assets. 

Previously, I was an Investing Partner at Spark Capital, a venture capital firm in the Bay Area. Prior to that, I worked at Cisco and AppDynamics, and was an investor at Blackstone, one of the most successful investment firms in history. I graduated from Cornell University. 

I came from humble beginnings and have been fortunate to work closely with some special founders, colleagues, mentors. My journey to the US was made possible by a generous scholarship from Ratan Tata - which I am eternally grateful for. The yellow zero sign above is from cricket - "zero not out" - it indicates when a batter is about to face the first ball - which is how I approach my life. No matter what, I always have a Day One mentality. 

I love working with founders and startup-type people. I live in the Bay Area in Foster City. I grew up in India in Mumbai and Dehradun. Among other things, I like debating, playing soccer, watching soccer, hiking. 

Some of the startups I have invested in, that you might have heard of: 

- Zepto (Grocery delivery & India's fast growing consumer company)
- Deel (Global payroll)
- Hashicorp (Devops & went public)
- Posthog (Open-source product analytics & serve on the Board)
- Fivetran (Data warehouse integration)
- Replicate (AI model hosting)
- Mattermost (Open-source chat & serve on the Board)
- Salt Security (API Security)
- Vanta (Compliance)
- Rippling (HR and IT Platform)
- BuildBuddy (Infra for Bazel)
- Stoke Space (Reusable rockets)
- Astranis (Satellites)
- Secoda (Data cataloging)
- Aquarium Learning (Machine learning infra)
- Shuttle (Infra for Rust)
- Turbonomic (Cloud Optimization)
- Clara (Corporate spend management for LATAM)

- Pomelo (Fintech infra for LATAM)
- Rapyd (Payments API)
- Ada (Customer support)
- Pylon (Customer support)
- AI Motive (Autonomous cars)
- Puppet (Devops)
- Ubicloud (next-gen AWS)
- Porter (next-gen Heroku)


Arnav - Linkedin.jfif
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